Our Services: Creative

Creative is more than just developing and designing an eye-catching site. Creativity goes to the core of who you are and supports your educating message. As a matter of fact, sometimes the most creative solutions have nothing to do with art or design and are brought to the table by someone not normally thought of as creative.

A good web site starts with great creative thinking, it's one of the 3 legs of a successful website. Whether you already have a graphic designer you're working with or creative art work already completed the strategy is to work within this theme from the get-go. Continuity helps to brand your message.

An esthetically pleasing site makes it easy for you to get your message to your prospects and customers. Through well presented educational information you will entice interested prospects and customers to reach out to you. They need to satisfy their need to know before committing to a purchase. Through the use of tangible, personal, and compelling messaging you bring value to your visitors. Remember the strategy is not about you it's about them. This is why they buy.

Our Creative Strategy or Discovery sessions are think-tank meetings where we work with you and your team laying a strong creative foundation. From understanding your audience, to crafting the message. Creating visual designs to anchor your customer to your site and your strategic Message. Ultimately you increase your customer base as well as develop lifelong relationships with your existing customers.

Brand Development

Marketing helps businesses touch their prospects. It's the tap on the shoulder of a potential client. It's to entice your prospects to want more. You know it's more important now than ever that every message coming from you be consistent. This is how you anchor your educational theme in your prospects mind. Your visual identity is your logo, tagline, letter head and website. Your brand is this consistent visual with a message strategically on target.

This brand will quickly be identified by those prospects you have taken care to educate. They will be instantly attracted to anything with your Brand. They know it's of value to them, it's a positive emotion. The power of a Brand can also serve against a company with an empty message, creating a negative emotion.

By combining the creative visual with a strategic educational message you start getting predictable behaviors from your visitors. Each step they take leads them to the conclusion, "Hey, this company really knows what they're talking about and they care enough to tell me what I need to know". When it comes time to buy who are they going to call?

Below are creative tools used to accomplish your business objectives.

Graphic Design

Good graphic design for the web is more than just pretty pictures. We work with many professional graphic designers with years of experience. Professional web designers understand the importance of designing graphically pleasing sites tempered with the constraints of an expanding and contracting canvas. Understand that visitors to your site have different monitor settings and browsers, these effect the visitor experience. We make certain that every visitor to your site will experience your creative messages in an appealing informative way.Top

Flash Design

Improve your communications by adding animation, flowing content and sound to your website. Utilizing Flash technologies, animation and self-running movies or demos can be a strong tool in educating your audience over the web. Flash encourages greater interactivity and allows what used to be a static presentation to come to life. Top

Online Ad Design

The design and placement of the appropriate online ad, be it a banner or tile ad, if done right, will get viewers motivated to click-thru to your site. The other benefit is increased exposure of your companies brand. Top

Rich HTML Email

Want to deliver a web page to your prospects or clients inbox? It can be done. There are limitations, but by building a database of prospects and clients and differentiating how they receive and view email, you can send graphically rich promotions and announcements via HTML email. Top


Have a presentation coming up? Call on our creative staff to design and develop a self running or interactive multimedia presentation. This is perfect for sales forces, client presentations, and even investor meetings or annual reports. Multimedia presentations can be put on a CD-ROM for easy distribution. Ask about a CD Business Cards.Top


Many websites require imagery unique to your business. There is an abundance of stock photography websites which provide professional imagery at a fee. Taking the time to shoot and develop digital photos unique to your business improves your image. Adding a human touch through the use of "real" photography. Top

Contact our Creative Department today to discuss your upcoming website and creative needs. You can also get a snapshot of what it may take through our needs analysis.