Our Method

This is an initial meeting with our creative and technical team and your management, creative team. Here we acclimate oursleves with your project and your initial strategic thoughts on your website or application. NHB helps you clearify and define short and long-term goals and objectives, create or maintain your brand, outline an effective strategy, and track progress to final deployment. Prioritizing needs and setting goals is the most critical phase of any undertaking. NHB's seasoned team of professionals gathers information to help you identify and execute a plan of action that meets objectives while staying within the bounds of time, price, and feasibility.

Project Profile
This is a stage where we enter the "think-tank". Our team profiles your project and interprets the deliverables in a document for you and your team, as well as defines a site architecture (a flow chart mapping of your site). Interviews and simple questionnares given to key people in your company help us fully undersatnd the scope of your project and put a proposal around it. Once the Discovery and Project Profile are complete and signed-off on, we then begin implementation.

Focusing on your target audience, NHB combines identity essentials with graphic elements. You get a fresh and unique "look and feel" that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Concentrating on more than just fonts, backgrounds, and colors, our developers unite a smooth interface with a sensible structure and easy navigation. Understanding design constraints of the web as well as the technology needed, NHB delivers great design.

Once your design is conceptualized, NHB's development and implementation teams turn the concept into reality. Our highly-skilled staff combine the latest proven technologies to give you the best blend and widest range of ways to communicate with your customers in a language they understand.

Building an application is only half the work. NHB's QA technicians are skilled in every leading-edge platform, including Windows, Linux, UNIX and Macintosh. We run exhaustive tests to make sure the final product functions as designed in target environments. Our watertight rollout plan guarantees all project requirements were met or exceeded. Understanding the workings of usability standards and user experience design enable the NHB team to make sure that the widest audience is left with the best experience and not frustration causing them to come back to your site and tell others about it.

We built it as a team - with your resources and ours. Tested for usability and alignment with the brand and strategic requirements - throughout the process. Developed load testing, quality assurance and functional test plans. Deployed an alpha and beta on your network and ours. The time has come to release it - to the world. NHB has a proven track record of delivering - on time and on budget. We have deployed thousands of initiatives ranging from the very simple to the very complex.

Maintain & Support
The web and interactive media never sleep. Your site or products must stay up-to-date. Fresh content is the key that keeps customers coming back. NHB explores numerous methods to measure long-term success and expandability.

NHB staff remain available to help you with any questions, modifications, or enhancements - whenever you need us - we're just a phone call away. For more information or a demonstration of what NHB can do for your organization contact our sales team at +1 (603) 594-3700.