Our Services: Technology

Database Design

What is a Database? A database holds an unlimited amount of information and can store it into logically grouped categories, using columns and rows. That data or information can then be automatically retrieved and manipulated in whatever manner you choose. Utilizing database development in the design of your web site takes a site from a simple brochure to an interactive marketing and resource machine. Top

Self-Editable Web Site

This allows you to change your site content; you simply access the page with a user-name and password, type your changes and press the update button and immediately your site is updated. You can change it as often as you like with no cost or charge to you. Top


Automated administration of order processing, shipping, receiving, inventory control, purchase orders, billing, accounts receivable and payables are all accomplished through e-commerce. Merchant Accounts automate the approval, collection and deposit of funds. Automating receipts to clients, custom service requests etc. are all possible via e-commerce. If you can envision it ... than we can deliver it. Top

Database E-mail Marketing

Automated administration for an e-mailing list that will subscribe and unsubscribe members and categorize them for you. Customize responses to specific data categories. E-Mail marketing campaigns, promotions, bulk e-mails, Etc., all possible through NHB database email solutions. Top

Automated Data Control

With Automation you can provide online calculators to qualify applicants; automate immediate customized personalized follow-up responses to interested clients. Collect data with online questionaires; collect statistics like site traffic, visitors, etc. Manage scheduling of your sales staff, post up to the minute information on sales quotas, or customized price quoting. Schedule events with automatic e-mail reminders. Automatic date driven commands to delete previously scheduled items. Add and delete audio files, visual files, written documents, automatically archive previously posted files. Search and manipulate all the data within your database. Search alphabetically, by date, by author, by subject, by keyword, or whatever. Top

Merchant Processing

A Customer wants to buy your product or service. With a simple click of their mouse they access your Online Payment Processing Page.
  • Customer completes an order form on your web site*, securely providing credit card or check information.
  • Completed form is submitted via our secure server for verification.
  • You receive real-time online authorization from our server.
  • E-mail confirmation is immediately sent to you and to your customer.
  • Customer's credit card or checking account is debited; and the funds are deposited directly into your bank account.
  • The transaction appears on customer's credit card or checking account statement. Top

Web Hosting

We provide you with more than just space on our servers. We're completely devoted to you, so you're never on your own when it comes to making your website profitable. We offer fully out sourced packages for users that do not want to deal with site management starting under $25.00 per month. We also offer database design options for self-editable web sites that are all fully browser interfaced eliminating the anxiety of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) . We do Domain Name registration and Canonical Domains and offer Miva and Dansie Shopping Cart Systems for easy E-commerce solutions .

For those managing their own web site of course we're here to support you as well. We offer complete unlimited FTP access and unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity with ongoing technical support and system back-ups. We provide redundant server architecture, redundant Cisco Series 7500 routers, redundant connectivity via Sprint and UUNET utilizing multiple T-3 lines and burstable OC-3 circuits with comprehensive generator back-up systems. We offer FREE hosting for our Resellers and Web developers program.

We offer UNIX and NT Platforms and support Microsoft ® FrontPage Server Extensions, Active Server Pages, Access Database, Web Traffic Graphical Statistics, complete E-mail support, Secure Socket Layers for Online Payment Processing, CGI-BIN Directory, JAVA Support, Virtual IRC, SQL and MySQL Database Support, PHP3 and PHP4, RealAudio and Real Video Streaming, Adobe Acrobat Document Distribution, Access to MIME Types, 24/7 system monitoring, daily tape backup, and ongoing technical support. Top


Internet Access

Instant local dial up access with 3 day FREE TRIAL. Contact our offices to get started now. Try this local dependable service, no busy signals or disconnect problems like the larger carriers. This service is provided by ASPI.NET. Your account will be automatically activated right now for you to try out the service. You will be contacted after your 3 day Free Trial to establish a permanent account. We accept all forms of payment: Visa, Master Card and Checking (Electronic Funds Transfer). All payments for continued access to the service are required in advance. Top


Technologies like Flash™ and Shockwave™ allow us to develop multimedia presentations, self-running demos to demonstrate your products or services, and serious "eye-candy" if the goal is to impress the viewer. Most importantly it encourages greater interactivity. Top

Streaming Technology

With streaming audio or video, you have the capability to build webcommercials, give interactive tours, or allow visitors to your site to listen to audio clips. With streaming technology, your audience is fed a progressive download of information, so that when it hits their computers and begins to play, it is continually "streaming" or download the rest so that users no longer have to sit and wait forever to view it. Top

NHB Internet Services will provide you with a solution to your needs by matching it with the right technologies. Interested in talking with us about the specifics of your project? Contact Us today. Top